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Лубышева, Л.И.
    Технология реализации инновационных проектов совершенствования систем физического воспитания на региональном уровне = Technology of Realization of Innovational Projects of Perfection of Systems of Physical Education at Regional Level
    // Физ. культура: воспитание, образование, тренировка. - 2002. - № 3. - С. 2-6.

URL HTTP://sportlib.info/Press/FKVOT/2002N3/p2-6.htm

    -- 1. Новые технологии. 2. Инновации. 3. Региональная политика. 4. Таблица. 5. Урок физической культуры. 6. Организационные вопросы. 7. Социологическое исследование. 8. Физическое воспитание. 9. Школа общеобразовательная. 10. Опрос. 11. Спортизация. 12. Система физического воспитания. 13. Мальчики. 14. Девочки. 15. Анкетирование. 16. экспериментальное исследование. 17. Physical education. 18. Comprehensive school. 19. Updating. 20. Interrogation. 21. Sportization.

    УДК 796.078                 ГРНТИ 77.03.13
                                ГРНТИ 77.03.11

    The author undertook the attempt to study the readiness for innovations in the process of physical education both on the part of pupils, and on the part of people anyhow connected to the school physical education. The questioning of pupils of 5th form, and also teachers, directors of schools, trainers was carried out in Chajkovski town. The experiment with the introduction of the innovational project is planned in this typical Russian town. There were interrogated 103 specialists working in the area of physical culture and sports, among them 45 teachers of physical culture, 20 trainers, 18 managers, including directors of schools, and 20 organizers of mass physical culture and sport work. The decision of the organizational questions and preparing of the pilot research needed 1 academic year in Chajkovski town. This year has not passed for anything neither for the practice, nor for the theory of the physical education. It is thought, that all new and new regions will enter for the way of the reorganization and the updating of the physical education in school.

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