M.Shestakov, I.Shestakov, V.Zoobkov

Russian State Academy of Physical Education, Handball Club "Kunzevo",
Moscow, Russia

The program "HANDBALL.VER.4.1.". is based on the theory of technical and tactical training of sportsmen which in its turn leans upon such fundamental sciences as: anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, biomechanics.

The program includes (embraces) an unique base of tactical exercises (more than 3000). But it is not a simple list of exercises. All the exercises are classified according to the tasks solved by them. Such classification permits to choose quickly among all the exercises just that one which is necessary at this or that stage of training, for this or that purpose. It is very convenient but a single exercise is not sufficient for training. Our program also permits to create (or to use already created) complexes of exercises for a training session of this or that trend of training. And how to know if the chosen exercise can be used in the chosen complex? The answer on this question you will find in the section "Statistics" of our program.

In the same section you can find also everything that concerns the team and the players. This block contains data about each training session of your team, you will see what were the roles of the players, who fulfilled the tasks of forward, back or goalkeeper, who was absent. All this information is regularly put into the program by the coach and is presented as a certain data base, that makes it possible for him to find quickly the necessary item and to work with it at any moment. For a coach it is important to possess the information not only about recent training sessions, but also about training cycles of various duration. Our program gives the possibility by pressing a certain key to get the summarized data of all training sessions of the last week, month or even of the whole year-long cycle.

Another advantage of our program consists in the possibility to compare all the players of the team, what makes it easier to decide who of them should play in this or that game, against this or that rival. It shows clearly who of the players is able to fulfill better this or that tactical task.

With the help of our program you can model various schemes of attaque and defence actions to be used later in the game. It is the computer who will help you to compose the appropriate complex of exercises. It is very convenient. For example if you have known the peculiarities of your rival only one day before the match, you will have no time to invent the complex of exercises corresponding to the tactical scheme that should be used in the game. Practice shows that as a rule that or similar complex of exercises has been trained before and with the help of our program you can easily find the necessary tactical scheme and look through the exercises corresponding to it. The chosen complex of exercises should be used during the morning training session to make the players recollect the tactical scheme.

The program is "clever" enough to operate such quantitive indices of training as the amount and the intensity of an exercise. As the result one can examine the training process according to the zones of intensity. All these parameters can be found in the section "Statistics".

Practice has shown that the most coaches are satisfied with the work of this program. Only one inconvenience was revealed. There exists an innumerable number of exercises and each coach would like to have his favourite exercises in the data base. As in a handball club such a program is usually used by several coaches, we have decided to adapt it to the training process of a concrete club (team) and to link the training process of all the club teams of different age. For this reason before the installation of our program the main strategic line should be discussed and elaborated - from beginners to masters. In this case the program can model the whole process of the long-term training of handball players and it can be used both for children and experienced athletes. We think that it is a good way to solve the problems mentioned at the beginning of the article.

Please remember that we continue to work at the program. It is constantly perfected. We try to consider the wishes of all the coaches who use it. We ensure the program maintenance and organise courses of the theory of technical training in sports. We hope to achieve success in such union of theory and practice.

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