South-West University "Neofit Rilski",
Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

Introduction. Sport exists because man exists. It is for man. The physical activity is "Built in" the genetic "code" of man. Today and in the future, the physical activity will be a companion of the contemporary man.

Definition of Science. The Science is a system of knowledge (cognition) about society, the intellectual processes, nature, technics (the world around us and inside us), and the ways to accumulate new knowledge, information, generalization and use In fact. Science is a system of knowledge about the world around us and inside us and a process of accumulating new knowledge, its analysis and application.

My personal conviction in the enormous benefits of sport activities for man determined my decision to study, investigate and elaborate the problems of Sport Science as theory, methodology and practice. I do this since 1970.

In my paper I will present to you briefly the degrees of development of science. There are different kind of structures and you will see my ideas and preferences. I will focus you attention on 4 levels: empiric-factological; conceptual-theoretical; philosophic-hypothetical and extended integral.

About the classification of science, the so called "triangle of Kcedrov" based on the consequent relationships between object and sciences will be presented with some additions.

The relationship between "mother" sciences and "daughter" sciences will be also demonstrated. I will show a new scheme, where the full relationship between "mother" sciences and "daughter" sciences, which I determine as a Subsport Sciences in inside and outside sphere of objects, could be seen.

Sport Science (Sportology)

Outside Science Sphere Daughter Sciences Daughter Scs. Inside Scs.Sphere

Main Object - Outside Factors Subsport Scs. Subsport Scs. Object-Subject-Man

base, equipment etc. Mother Sciences

Mother Sciences

Organization Sport Organization Sport Pedagogy Pedagogy

Management Sport management Sport Psychology Phychology

Technical Sciences Sport Technical Science Sport Sociology Sociology

Building Sport Building Sport Anatomy Anatomy

Industry Sport Industry Sciences Sport Physioligy Physiology

Economic Sciences Sport Economy Sport Nutrition Nutrition

Sport Ecology

Sport & Health Personal Health

Law Sports Law

Sports Medicine Medicine

Journalism Sport Journalism

Sport Dance Dance

Information Sport Information

Sports History History

Sports Philosophy Philosophy

The thought of the existence of a tendency to integration of sciences is not new. I highly appreciate these ideas, which exist for more than 20 years. I will deal briefly with this matter.

I will present in you also in schemes the Subject and Object of Science.

There are different kinds of Classification of scientific Research. One classification, very close to the base idea of my concept of Sport science is as Follows:

Problem area Fundamental Fundamental-applied Applied

Methodological Integral Complex Partial


Duration Long term Sport term

The Classification of the Research Methods is the next point of my paper. The methods are demonstrated according to degree of universality: according to problems.

The last group of problems in my paper are connected with practice on the basis of three examples to demonstrate the methodological approach.

First - the results in swimming / crawl with new electronic instruments and apparatuses.

Second - Integral approach to the stress - experimental example - basketball.

Parameters in six research fields. Physical-technical specific test with different exercises of the basketball play. Biochemical secretion of the hormones (kateholamini) and concentration of the lactose in the blood - before - in the course - in the end of the test. Physiological - pulse frequency: before, at the test - full time in the course of the performance and 3 min. after the test. Psychological - motivation before; subjective anxiety before and after the test; typological characteristic.

Conclusion. If we want to become well acquainted with the questions about man in action, we are obliged to investigate him united in his being. That is why we should accept the Sport science as a complex science, interdisciplinary science. My believe is that Sport Science is an Integral Science.

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