South-West University "Neofit Rilski",
Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

Introduction. The idea for an integral project entitled "New Paradigm - Integral Promotion of Health" has been presented for the first time in 1992 at the IV-th World Congress "Sport for All", organized in Varna, Bulgeria, under the patronage of the IOC. The project has been presented also at the Simposium of the Balkan Association for Education and Science in 1994 in Turkey and the Balkan Branch International Informatization Academy (BBIIA) Session in Olimpia, Greece. The first stage of the progect as a classification structure has been put forward to the attention of the participants in the World Science Congress in Kiev, Ukraine in 1997.

I am very pleased to present to you the second stage of our project - "Investigations and research". More than 70 scientific paper, books, articles have been investigated among them:

1. "Ottawa Charter for Promotion of Health" (1982);

2. "Society, Health and Skills", Adelaide (1982);

3. "An Essay on Man" by Ernst Kasirer (1996);

4. "Introduction into Valeology - Science about Health" by I.I. Brechman (1987);

5. "Create Surrounding for Promotion of Health", Saundvill (1991);

6. "About Earth" - First World Conference on the Problem of Earth, Rio de Janeiro (1992);

7. "The secret of longevity" by L. Lebedev (1992);

8. "Tibet Book on Health", by Roberth Sacks (1995);

The problem of Health is a very vast subject to be basically analyzed in the framework of my paper I will try to present the ideas very briefly.

The investigation of the problem confirmed that the scientists acknowledge the importance of the problem in contemporary world and especially for the future generations. Health should became a priority. This is the appeal of the First World Conference on Earth. In the beginning of the 21st Centory at the latest we should start with worldwide measure and actions to solve the numerous problem concerning preservation and promotion of health as a priority.

Methods and Results

- Investigation of articles, scientific papers, book on the problem of health in a very bright aspect

- Investigation of important international and governmental documents and resolutions on health

- Research in schools, universities, administration, companies to determine the relationship between different kind of activities and health

Classification of the main factors on which health depends.

Based on the analysis of the information we classified the basic activities in four big groups, subordinating the structure to the main idea - INTEGRAL APPROACH FOR SOLVING A GLOBAL PROBLEM - HEALTH OF MAN!

First Group: Changes in the Educational System - education all the live long. The measures taken so far are not pragmatic. There is a need of more action and results. We prepare a set of programs in this respect. Programs on education, Selfresponsibility and Self-cognition. The man should became aware of his own responsibility to preserve and promote his health all the life long. If someone of you is working on such programs we shall be very glad to exchange experience.

Second Group: Ecology - problems to be resolved and not to be postponed; The condition of the environment - the purity of land, air, water, spase, eco-product for daily use by man are the most contemporary tasks to be researched. We are preparing a publication on standards and regulations for preserving health and methods and organization for control and examination and self-control.

Third Group: Legislation - The responsibilities of the State, government, institutions, private structures for promotion and preservation of health. There are no investigations on the self-responsibilities of man to preserve his health during work time and recreation time. This problem is a very vast one and is related to many aspect of man’s life.

Fourth Group: Knowledge and cognition of health as a personal quality as a human category by using the help established standards, norms and through education and training in a self-knowledge as a basis for a correct choice of life.


Teachers, Sports inctructors, coaches, experts in psychology, ecology, sociology etc. have to care for the health of man. In the beginning of the next century we will have experts in Promotion of Health.

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